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Movie Plug: Flesh

FLESH, a shocking documentary, calls into question our definitions of slavery, human trafficking, and prostitution in the United States. Cameras follow prostitutes on the streets of Los Angeles and reveal the heartbreaking reality of “The Game.” Even more compelling are the stories of former prostitutes, who tell of the atrocious ways they were enslaved physically and psychologically. They tell their stories of being trafficked in the U.S. and how they escaped. FLESH goes behind the scenes of the third largest criminal industry that preys upon girls, whose average age of entry is twelve to fourteen.

FLESH gives voice to those in the business of prostitution and those seeking to end it. Together they offer startling perspectives on what drives trafficking here in the U.S.

Screenplay By:
Nicole McQuaid, Kristin R. Lauterbach, Christina Lee Storm
Directed By:
Kristin R. Lauterbach
Produced By:
Christina Lee Storm, Kristin R. Lauterbach, Erwin Raphael McManus, Nicole McQuaid
Facebook Page:!/pages/Flesh/94116735949?v=wall&ref=ts