La liberté s'allume dans les ténèbres. – Nicolas Berdiaev

Blue Heart Campaign

This is a global campaign launched by the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) in 2009 aimed at not only garnering awareness, but also aimed at getting countries to implement specifice protocols/laws geared towards aiding victims of trafficking and punishing the traffickers. You can find the Blue Heart Campaign website here.

The Blue Heart was chosen as a symbol of the sadness, depression and bleekness of the lives of victims, while reminding us of the coldness of people who buy and sell other human beings for the purposes of profit.

Please visit the website. It is packed with information, fact sheets, etc. Also, if you have a Facebook account, please join the UNODC Blue Heart Campaign Against Human Trafficking Group. There are also logos/tags available for you to download and display prominently on your websites/blogs/profiles/etc.

Please pass on the website address to your friends/family so that they too might spread on the word. More people need to become aware of what is going on. Just a couple of statistics for you who may be a bit skeptical as to the extent of Human/Sex Trafficking:

  1. The ILO (International Labor Organization) estimates that at any given time, 2.4million people are trafficked worldwide.
  2. The US State Department estimates that traffickers make between US$7million – US$29million annually through the buying and selling of men, women and children.
  3. The UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) estimates that Human Trafficking as an industry, is worth some US$32billion.
  4. Women and children make up 80% of all detected trafficking victims.

If those numbers don’t scare you, I don’t know what will. The world needs to wake up and realize that slavery exists. And we ALL need to stand up and say Enough is enough!.